Birendra Prasad Yadav DM Bihar – Stressful Situation, But In Control

DM Bihar

Bhojpur :The situation is tense but in control due to the abusive remarks made by a young man on the social media  in Rani Sagar of Bhiyan Block. DIG of Shahabad range Rehman.

District Magistrate Dr Birendra Prasad Yadav, SP Superintendent of Police, Shatri Nil Singh visited the tense village and explained to the people. And appealed to maintain goodwill. In addition, necessary administrative and police officials were given necessary directions. Local MLA Mr. Rahul Tiwari also tried to explain the situation by going to the area and trying to normalize the situation. The situation is being monitored by the administrative officials as a precautionary measure in the tense villages and adjoining areas. In the respective village, the campus is being done for monitoring the situation by the subdivision officer, Jagdishpur Balamukund Prasad, Deputy Superintendent of Police Dwarka Pal, DCLR, Jagdishpur Kumar Ravindra, Police Head Shahpur, BDO, CTO, PCO Jagdishpur and Police Station Bihiyo. A large number of magistrates and police officers and police jawans have been deputed in 24 hours (in the shift of 08-08 hours) from the point of view of law and order system. Subdivision police officer, Jagdishpur Dwarka Pal told that three cycles were fired for self defense and protection of people’s lives. The situation is in control. It is being monitored closely. An appeal has been made to the people belonging to the people, including the District Magistrate and the Superintendent of Police, to maintain peace and harmony.

Peace Committee Meeting: The meeting of the peace committee was called by the two parties under the leadership of the police and administration officials who arrived on the spot about the incident in Ranisagar on Friday. In which people of both parties were urged to maintain mutual harmony. Also, people are being marked to act on the culprits in this case. However, as a precaution, the police are camping at the site of the incident.

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