DM Dr Birendra Prasad Yadav : Try To Win Honestly In The Game

DM Dr birendra Prasad yadav

Bhojpur: Ripples in the historic Ramana ground were colorful flags. The school had a large number of students. This is the first time such a view has appeared in Bhojpur District School and Women’s Sports Competition. The five-day Bhojpur District School and Women’s Games Competition – 2016, in the Ramana Maidan, have a great start in the joint under the auspices of Art and Culture and Youth Department, Bihar Government and Bhojpur District Administration. At the same time, about 1700 students of 93 schools from various areas of the district participated in the track suit and school dress. The band group of Joe Paul’s High School became the center of attraction. DM Dr. Birendra Prasad Yadav launched the competition by flagging and balloon blowing. National volleyball player Preeti Ranjan administered the oath to the players. In his address, the DM said that this contest player will introduce physical and mental abilities. DM told the players that they participated in the contest with passionately. Try to win honestly in the game. This feeling of victory will take you forward. The visiting guests were welcomed by District Sports Officer Sanjay Kumar. The students of the welcome song S.B.Girls presented the students. On this occasion, special guest Deputy Commissioner, Inayat Khan, Civil Surgeon, Dr. K. Aman, District Program Officer, Ram Entrance, Prof. Kamalanand, along with Dr. Namibhai Shastri High School Principal Manjula Sinha, S.B. Girls School Principal Sheela Pandey, Parshuram Pandey, Yashwant Singh, Shivnarayan Pal, Chuni and others were also included. Upendra Kumar and Gunjan Kumari wins in high jump

Ara: Bhojpur district school sports competition took place at various places in the city. On the first day, the children’s and child’s badminton match was held in the Aura Club. In the final match of the boys category DAV High School, Dhanpura Winner and Semarawan High School runner-up. Catholic high school remained third place. In the Girls category, the Catholic High School winner and Plus-to-High versa referee became the runner-up. Plus-To-High School, Gajipur remained at third place. Upendra Kumar (Sahni High School, Karnampur) First, Nand Lal ¨C (High School Pawana) II and Kallu Kumar (High School, Garhoni) got third place in the height of the children’s class in the final of the high school under athletics in Maharaja College. In the high jump girl category, Gunjan Kumari (High School, Surathu) first, Kavita Kumari (Amirchand High School) got second place. Abhishek Kumar (High School, Karari) First, Devanand Kumar (High School, Belaure) II and Amit Kumar (High School, Kasap) were in third place in the boys category. Ambedkar Residential School defeated High School, Sikarhatata, in the boys category of Kho-Kho contest at Ramna ground, defeating Sikarhatta by one shift, in the second round. In the Khula-Kho girls category, Dr.Namechand Shastri Kanya High School defeated Nihal Pandey, Sikarol by seven points, and entered the next season. High school, silver, plus two schools, Bihians in the boys’ section of the volleyball defeated in straight sets in Ramna ground. At the same time, Dr. Namichand Shastri Vidyalaya, in the girls’ section of the volleyball, defeated Jain Kanya School in a consistent set. In the Ramkana grounds of the Kabaddi class, the high school district in its class, Karnamampur, plus to school, Agayanv, DK, Karamal, Aara, high school, Bihta, plus to high school, small Sasaram and SB School, saw Make the winner Kasturba Balika Vidyalaya, Bihani, High School, Bakhariya, High School, Malur, High School, Sikarhata, High School, Masad, Saru Vidya Mandir, Simran and Project High School, Jitora, were winners in the girls category of Kabaddi. ‘Khahey married weddes ray lakhiya babul more ..

Jigsaw: There was a parallel cultural program under the sports competition. On the main stage of the Ramna grounds, students and students presented song and dance under the supervision of organizer Kaveri Mohan and Convenor Nagendra Nath Pandey. The program was started by the students of Shatrunjay Music School by Saraswati Vandana. Then the ‘Jhoomar’ Mora Naanhki Madiya sughar laga .. ‘Domkach’ where did the lalay ray .. ‘Jhumar’ Gile lemonya oller Gayle daliya .. ‘, the song of the common chakwa’ Kavan Bhaiya Jaita Ganga ray Jamunva .. ‘, Kajiri’ Mirzapur Khej Gulzar Ho Kachouri Gali Soon .. ‘, Zizia’Jamuna Kinkare Kanha Junkelan ..’, along with other songs and dances, the students cheered spellbound. Students were Jyoti Kumari, Purnima Kumari, Neha, Shivani, Shivangi, Shruti, Dharmendra Kumar, Manish, Kshitij, Rahan etc. among the students. On the other hand, Sangeetalaya, Katira’s students created Amir Khusro’s compositions’ Vaidas ray lakhiya babul More .. ‘,’ Send Amma More Baba to Ray Saawan Come … ‘,’ Nimia Tale Doi Keep Do Kahinva .. ‘,’ Aho Rama Umdhi-Bhoomi’s Barseela Badarva a. Rama .. ‘,’ Savanni Jhadhi Laage Ho Gola … ‘,’ Humaankaa Saavan Mein Mehdi Manga The Blumu .. ‘etc., the audience fluttered a lot. Among the girl students, Pooja Kumari, Manjusha Raj, Meetu Raj, Soni Pandey, Kumari Pragati and Sahni were in the house. Dr. Madan Mohan Dwivedi presented the song ‘The idea of ​​staying in Naga’

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