Dr. Birendra Prasad Yadav – Give All The Reports In One Week

Bhojpur: District Magistrate, Dr. Birendra Prasad Yadav, held a meeting with officials of the district officials, district officials and related departments in the Krishi Bhawan Auditorium on Tuesday to deal with the threats of possible floods in the district. During this time he bearers of several possible directions and suggestions.

In the meeting, the District Magistrate told all the officers that the arrangement of boat before the flood, repair of boat, identification of high places, arrangement of medicines, storage of grain in panchayats, animal feed system, drinking water at the shelter site, provision of temporary toilets, Protection of obstruction, inspection of flood roads and bridge bridges, valuation of polythene seat, bangle, jaggery, candle, salt, match etc., arrangement of divers, Instructed to Nchayt level people on other important topics, including training related to disaster management.

The District Magistrate instructed the Deputy Inspector General and Block Development Officer, including the flood affected area of ​​Bhojpur district, Shahpur, Bihinas, Badhara, Kollivar, Ara and Udhannand Nagar to complete the preparations for the flood pre-establishment, while providing full coordination. They instructed the officers to repair the old boat for the availability of the boat and send a proposal for the purchase of new boat as per the requirement. The government issued an order to acquire private boat at the rate. They District load capacity of the government and acquired boat directed transport officials said the registration certificate and boats. In the event of floods, it was instructed to place the government boat on the free service red letters.

He list of instructions that raw and gray house in the block area, young cattle and more willing to zone level. He proceeded to flood the three levels ie less flooding in case, in the event of moderate flooding and flooding in case. Rain gauge has been instructed to fully repair. The District Magistrate instructed the Executive Engineer, the Flood Control Division, ARA that compliant inspection report of all the hinders falling in the district would be done in compliance with subdivision officer and DCLR in compliance with compliance report within a week. In order to protect the embankment, it was instructed to send proposals for the deputation of Home Defense Corps personnel for immediate delivery. He said the district will respond to Executive Engineer Flood Control Division in dam break conditions. He also directed to lodge an FIR antisocial elements cutting the dam. At the Panchayat level, in the meeting, people were instructed to train flood and disaster management and to make them aware. All affect the instructions to send Rs 10-10 thousand areas for this purpose. Emphasis was laid on setting up of relief and rescue teams at Panchayat and village level and inclusion of Panchayat people representatives.

Deputy development commissioner Inayat Khan, Additional Controller Surendra Prasad, District Manager SFC, Municipal Commissioner Pramod Kumar, Sub Divisional Officer Piro and Jagdishpur, all DCLR, District Transport Officer, Sub Divisional Police Officer, Headquarters, JP Karnan, Incharge Officer, Revenue, Mr. Ravindra, District People Contact Officer Sbhu Nath Jha, civil surgeon Dr. S. Aman, Executive Engineer, flood control Division, as Construction, Sone Canal Division, District Animal Husbandry Officer, District Statistics Officer, were all present other officials including Ancladikari

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